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Welcome to the Club Officials Page of Clitheroe Wolves Football Club, where the heartbeat of our organisation comes to life through the dedication and leadership of our esteemed officials. Behind every successful club, there’s a team of individuals committed to steering the course and upholding the values that define us.

President: George Hibbert

Chairman: Richard Brunning

Vice-Chairman: Walter Aspinall

Secretary/Treasurer: David Crook

Welfare Officer: Jen Brown

Assistant Welfare Officer: Matt Bibby

Player Liaison Officer: Gareth White

Head of Girls Football: Jamie Clarkson

Development Officers: Gary Dixon and Lee Farmer

Facilities Support Officer: Ben Mohatta

Groundsman: Neil Hitchen

Funding Officer: Walter Aspinall

Social Co-Ordinator: Louise Marsh

Pre-Wolves Co-Ordinator: Tom Gavin

Head of Winter Training: Lee Farmer

Commercial Support Officer: Anna Hickling

These are just a few of the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep Clitheroe Wolves running smoothly. Together, they embody the spirit of teamwork and leadership that defines our club, guiding us towards a future filled with success, growth, and community spirit.

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